Pros And Cons Of Virtual Lonesome Disorder

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Virtual Lonesome Disorder Only you can help stop virtual lonesome disorder. Millions of people suffer from VLD (Virtual lonesome disorder). Which is a disorder that isolates people that are addicted to the Internet. Unfortunately in our modernized world today; technological devices have become an essential part of our lives and have made global communication possible. As it connects us to people around the world, it fills up the gap between us and our loved ones who are far away from us But Technology has not increased the quality of communication as many people are quick to believe; rather, it has caused it to decline. Technology makes us feel lonely, it destroys relationships, and it’s addictive. People created technological devices such…show more content…
We get a different view of people if we only meet them online instead of meeting them personally. For instance, if we meet people online, we become comfortable communicating to them in that manner. When we finally get to meet them in person we often become uncomfortable and a bit disappointed. We are so used to talking to people through online chatting and texting that it is impossible to be the same person you are online while talking to them eye to eye. “Our online friends don’t give us the feelings as friends we have seen and know personally”(Forbes. Forbes Magazine). This is why friendships made through the Internet are weak and easily breakable. We as humans need face-to-face contact to truly understand and bond with someone; without it, we feel lonely, knowing they are not truly the person we think they are. Therefore technology isolates us from human contact and eventually, we will become lonely. The result of loneliness is being gullible and putting too much trust in someone, or being isolated and feeling trust towards no one. This proves that technology is a huge disadvantage for social matters and making…show more content…
Since young adults are so susceptible to things that can be addictive, it’s obvious that online relationships can harm their social skills in life. “They will begin to ignore everything around them including the following: family members, friends, responsibilities, and basic needs in everyday life” (Klein, Lauren). Their relationships with friends and family can become a disaster due to technology overrunning their world. It keeps us away from the people around us.” This addiction can develop in the young adult causing more consequences. They can lose even more of the relationships they have. This can make them even lonelier than ever. “According to Klein 2014, people spend about 100-200 minutes per day using the Internet and 30-90 minutes per day using social networks.” (Cambridge News). Teens tend to lose self-control. When it comes to technology, they aren’t able to limit their time with it. Left unchecked, the extended time using technology may cause them to become lonely and start to have less confidence. They would face lots of problems in life, which would be hard for them to solve “Balancing our time will make us feel more productive and alive, compared to people who use devices all day long, who are totally escaping the real world.” (Mobretz, Lauren) They may not have even realized the harm that technology has placed upon their daily lives. Teens may think that they are less lonely

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