Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research Design

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According to Creswell, research design is planning and the procedures, which are more important than the decision to the detailed methods of data collection and analysis. (Creswell, 2009) There are three methods to gathering and reporting information which are qualitative research, quantitative research and mixed method (qualitative and quantitative), these three methods can collect the data into different ways and find different information about the research topic.

Qualitative research method
Qualitative research is a primarily exploratory, which is used to exploring and understanding the meaning of individuals of groups and the underlying. This method is mainly focused on the individuals and will find the problem deeply. For the data collection,
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As the research method include large amount of groups and individuals, it used the statistical technical to reflect the relations of different groups and results.
It is a advantage that the method allow to gather large amount and complicated of number into simple way for public. By using the statistic, it can be easier to compare each group’s situation to show the differences. “Quantitative research method is providing data that is descriptive, for example, allowing us to capture a snapshot of a user population, but we encounter difficulties when it comes to their interpretation.” (D. Madrigal & B.McClain, 2012)
It is less time consuming as they just giving the survey in the public with some open-ended question, and they do not need the deep information from each of the participants so that they can save more time in the afterwards. For example, the quantitative method is the telephone survey, which may only occupy a few minutes for each person. Also, the quantitative research method is mainly using the statistical technical to show the results of the research, they can use the statistic software to help with the presentation. Quantitative research method can be generalized to the public, even it had contains different groups and large amount of
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For example, students, teenagers, housewife and employees from companies are easy to reach, but it is hard to find the drug users, sex workers or people in prison. This will affect the credibility of the research, and the data are not accurate. The research many take a long time to collect the information and it is much expensive because there is more participants that researcher need to be pay, the materials and installation will cost a lot. However, sometimes the high cost research usually not suitable for long term which means the money and time are not worth at

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