Quit Cigarettes

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Quitting cigarettes and dropping an addiction for nicotine can be very difficult. People face very many mental mind barriers from being able to quit. The FDA has approved very many alternatives to cigarettes and suggest people use them to quit off cigarettes. A very popular way we have believed is a safe alternative to cigarettes really is not, and that way is vaping. Vaping was introduced into the shelves of Wal-Mart and other stores in 2004 and has been on uprise since then. “Big tobacco” claims this will help smokers quit. In reality, vaping is not a safe, or smart, alternative to traditional cigarettes. The cost of vaping is very pricey, even more pricey than that of a pack of cigarettes or other alternatives. The way americans are in society is like this; they always want the biggest and the best of anything. It is always cool to have the newest car, the fastest car, or the newest house, and best phone. The same exact thing applies with vapes, people always want the biggest cloud, or the coolest e-cig. For a decent sized cloud from a vape, it will cost anywhere from $50-$200 just to get started off. After the battery malfunctions will either need to buy another, or purchase another battery. Then the …show more content…

Controlling how much nicotine in the vape is all up to the user. People will always want to up the amount as they get used to it and when the technology malfunctions they will be hit with temptations of going back to cigarettes. From first hand experience, a friend of mine was vaping for the longest time and he always upped the amount of nicotine in his e-juice. Then when the battery malfunction, he bought a pack of cigarettes to “hold him off” until he fixed it. I think this was big tobacco’s plan from the start; to get people addicted to the technology and when it fails, they will be forced to go and buy a pack of cigarettes. When technology does malfunction, it can happen in fatal

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