Radiology Personal Statement

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Curiosity has always driven me towards positive new experiences, from leaving the comforts of home to obtain a degree in veterinary medicine in a third world country to now attempting to further my knowledge in the field of radiology. Now I am excited to be applying for a residency program where I can indulge my curiosity and further build on my passion in the study of radiology. After learning about Ross University, I jumped at the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian while indulging my curiosity to experience the culture in a third world country. I solely applied and accepted the offer to attend. Although it was challenging to be over 2000 miles away from my family, friends and what I called home for 22 years, it helped forge the person I am today. It was during my time on St. Kitts that I learned to appreciate what I had taken for granted – electricity, convenience of grocery stores and banks as well as the ease of communication. During my time on the small Caribbean island, I wanted to contribute to the betterment of the people and environment. I volunteered at the local children’s home, beach clean-up and other …show more content…

I have also obtained further understanding by attending ACVR in Orlando and several continuing education courses throughout the year. I firmly believe that I have the intellect, drive and talents necessary to thrive in a radiology residency. I already carry the curiosity and hunger for radiology but am in search for a residency program encourages my curiosity, a program that is committed to serving their patients, and a hardworking department that possesses an ethos of excellence. A residency that selects me will receive an optimistic, passionate and intellectually curious individual who will work diligently to serve both patients and

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