Radiology Technician Essay

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Radiology technician Radiation exposure has been proven to be detrimental to both the patients’ health and the technicians. If exposed to too much radiation, it can eventually cause cancer. Radiation deals more with the patient since they are the ones being tested to see what is wrong and where the pain is coming from. The technicians are suppose to take all safety precautions to protect both themselves and the patients’. According to the National Cancer Institute, a CT scan is when a person lies still on a table, and the table moves slowly through the center of an x-ray machine (“CT Scans and Cancer”). Some people might not feel safe undergoing this procedure so they make another option which includes individuals whom “stand on a marker…show more content…
It is their job to reduce the amount of radiation as low as they possibly can so it will not affect any patient nor themselves. Time is an important method of reducing radiation exposure because you have too be aware of everything taking place. You would not want to leave somebody in the lab for a while, that way they do not experience a high amount of radiation. The further back a technician stands, reduces the amount of radiation they could possibly receive. Raza confirms, “ The barriers they have the technicians standing behind is made of lead so that the radiation does not get on the technician nor the patients” (Raza…show more content…
The embryo might not have malforming effects, but would receive lethal effects. Normally the only time a mother would make a decision based off of whether to receive certain amounts of radiation during the treatment would be if the mother was in danger. Brent confirms, “ Pregnant women can receive radioactive materials for different treatments, which would not hurt the fetus” (“Pregnancy and Radiation”). Doctors advise the mothers to be very

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