Rainbow Child Development Center Case Study

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My Personal Case Study took place in April 2010 while working at Rainbow Child Development Center. Rainbow is a non-profit child care center which began in 1972 and is located on Edward Street in Worcester. The center offers services in family child care homes, a preschool setting, several after school programs, and a summer camp. Edward Street is a low-income neighborhood with many of its students living within its confines or in a nearby low-income housing project, Plumley Village. Most of Rainbow’s families receive childcare assistance in the form of government subsidies. The marketing manager constantly reaches out to the community in order to connect with local businesses. These connections often lead to financial donations, volunteerism from colleges and local …show more content…

This information should also let the reader know that the process component of this system was flawed at the Program Coordinator level. This flaw was the basis for my case study.
In April 8, 2010 I was one of 9 teachers working at Rainbow Child Development Center. I had been working there for 12 years in the position of Lead Teacher. On this day I was part of the late afternoon transition from the playground to the second floor classrooms. I was normally not a part of this routine. This was part of the problem. Quite often the late afternoon staff changed, leaving this transition in the hands of rotating teachers. I found this transition to be poorly planned, poorly communicated, and very chaotic, to the point of being unsafe for the children.
After I was out of the classroom I went up to speak to the Program Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator about this late afternoon transition. I asked for a plan, any plan, to be put in place to reduce the confusion. I expressed frustration and

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