Reflective Essay For Franklin University

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At the end of my sophomore year, I received my first pamphlet for Franklin University. The pamphlet encompassed everything I’ve ever wanted for my education: a diverse student body, a multicultural learning experience, exchange programs, and teachings that reach beyond the classroom. Even now the pamphlet is pinned to my wall, and every time I look up to it, I think this is the place where I want to be for the next few years of my life. I’ve always been a student interested in learning about other cultures, traveling around the world, and expanding my perspective is of deep importance to me as a person. Franklin would be the ideal place for me to continue with this goal since Franklin offers those opportunities.
My interest to immerse myself in other cultures began when I first moved from Quito, Ecuador to Canyon, Texas. I was four when my family first moved to the US, so that my dad could obtain a degree in the US. At the age of four, I had learned to speak a basic level of Spanish, and then all of a sudden I was learning and communicating in English. The transition was tremendous for me, but I felt like the change was one tremendous adventure with new people and culture to delve into. Around this time, my uncle Freddy sent me postcards from places he
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Learning and interacting with other cultures is a value I hold true even now. Spanish and English are two languages that I can speak, read, and write with fluency, but there are still many aspects of life that I have yet to learn about. On the other hand, I’m currently learning French and Japanese, and I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to France twice with my middle school where I got to experience and interact with the culture. My passion for language doesn’t end there; I hope to master Italian and Portuguese later on in
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