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Course Paper Selena Quintanilla is a huge inspiration. She is an icon to Latinos. Her struggle to become a singer was remarkable even to this day. Selena ambitious to become a singer led with many people falling in love with her. Selena opened a door for the Mexican community. Her persuasion to succeeded led to a representation for Mexican American. Especially, for those who But anyone could relate to her. She was down to earth, beautiful, and sweet. She also was not an average thin girl in the 90’s. She was a beautiful singer but her soul was as beautiful for being involved in everything. She was talented in her singing, and dancing led to her to become an influential person. She also had music touching on women empowerment. There are …show more content…

Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, formed a group among his children. Selena Quintanilla being the lead singer, brother, A.B Quintanilla, playing the guitar and sister, Suzette Quintanilla, playing the drums. The beginning of this journey was not easy because their father insisted their children to be in the band. The family band performed in restaurants and small venues. Selena gained attention rather slowly by promotions. The music industry was dominated by men especially, Tejano, genre. Selena not only became an icon but she won a Grammy for best Mexican/American album. This was a start to her career to be recognized by U.S and Spanish music, too. The start of her career launched off and her creating her own business. She was adored by her fans. Her personality was down to earth and cared a lot for people around her. Although, this trait led her trusting people too easily. On the day of March 30, 1995, she was killed by a fan manager because Selena confronted her about missing money (Orozco, 2015). The Mexican community was devastated by the news leading to huge coverage over the loss. The amount of work Selena has made over the short amount time she lived left an immense progress to …show more content…

Her amazing legacy left the Latino community in awe. Her death ended tragically but that has not stopped her work from leaving us. Her work in the music industry has achieved a lot. The work she put into started off lighthearted but she left opportunities and representation for Latinos. Selena created a representation that Latino community needed. Everyone loved her regardless of their gender. She was able to touch on female empowerment. As well as, be involved in communities and encourage young people to continue their education. Selena left an impression that we can do what we want regardless of our gender or race. She was proud of who she was and never forgot the people. She was not trying to be an icon even though she left the earth with the title of being Selena. She still remains a huge inspiration in our community. Even being relevant in U.S, that she had a film about her life. She will always have a place in our community like Frida Kahlo. A strong woman who achieved something the Mexican community need a small recognition. There was a large group of us who never had any sort of representation except in a bad way. Selena’s career became more than we

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