Revising Process In English 101

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Being in English 101 has impacted three different types of writing processes: drafting, revising, and editing. Before I started this class, I never made drafts; I only did pre-writes and the final copy of the essay. Now, I do the pre-writes, then type it and make the draft, and then fix any errors in it. Another writing process that has improved is revising because now instead of reading what I wrote myself, I let my friends, classmates, and teachers read it to see if they understand what I’m writing and if they see any errors. This makes my editing process easier because I know what mistakes I made. One area of the writing process that still needs further development is choosing a topic. I find choosing a topic difficult because depending on what the subject it is, there can be a lot of different topics I could choose. Also, something else I’ve learned from the writing process is that revising and editing are the most important steps in writing an essay. These two steps are important because it helps crisp up and fix any mistakes in the essay. …show more content…

My grammar has improved because in my first essay there are several verb tense errors, but in my third essay there are no errors. Another way my grammar has changed is that my vocabulary has improved. In my earlier essays, there would be simple words, but in my fourth essay there are more complex words like ‘deranged’ and other words. My punctuation has improved because in my first and second essay there are a lot of comma errors because I either put or forgot to put a comma in a sentence, but in my third essay there are fewer comma errors. Lastly, my words usage has changed because in my Frankenstein and first essay there are words like ‘society, things, they, and you’ that isn’t in my fourth

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