Rewarding College Majors

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When it comes to choosing the right major for college students, there are a multitude of choices. It is the one subject we are asked constantly by our peers, professors, counselors, and family members: "what is your major?" For some of us, that question is answered confidently and proudly by those who know what they wish to pursue. Others, however, are not so sure what to do for the rest of their lives and decide to pursue higher education in an effort to 'find' themselves. Although college majors can mean the difference between multiple job opportunities with the chance of landing your dream job or being unhappy with your choice of major, the degree alone cannot guarantee a prosperous and rewarding career path due to high demand of real world …show more content…

While working with other colleagues on a professional level, you are expected to interact with them as such. Skills such as communication, problem solving, and teamwork are some of the many skills which are known to be enhanced in an internship. None of these skills can be sharpened in a school or classroom environment due to the fact that students aren't normally taught to do so, or they might not be expected to at all. Confidence-building is the other benefit to internships: for those who cringe at the feeling or thought of the working world and what it entails, an internship can prepare you so it doesn't come as a surprise in the foreseeable future. By pursuing an internship pertinent to the major you are in, it can either reinforce or redirect your career and/or major choices. In other words, it can confirm your preconceived notions of what you previously believed about your intended career field, or steer you towards a better fitting one - both of which benefit you in making the correct choices towards your major and career path, and ultimately boosting

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