Rhetorical Analysis Of A Tabasco Sace Advertisement

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Rhetorical Analysis
The picture that I decide to describe is a Tabasco Sauce advertisement. The advertisement is stating that Tabasco is a very hot like fire. The background and the physical appearance of the Tabasco sauce is expressing the idea of the sauce been hot flammable and I can see it by the way that Tabasco sauce is symbolized as that is publishing this ad telling us that this sauce is so hot that is like a extinguisher that turn off a fire.

I can see a small Tabasco Sauce bottle in the image that is been put as a fire extinguisher.
You are able to see the details like the hose, meter, lever and the safety pin that is around t he sauce. What can it mean? The question is simple! I think that Tabasco publisher letting us
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But of course we won’t open an extinguisher for our mouth maybe we will just need to sip water when tasting it.
Sauce this hot can be dangerous by not able to control the heat in your mouth. Not too many people of fans of tasting hot spicy foods. People can’t tolerate the fire of the mouth when the heat of a spicy taste is I there mouth

The reason for us to know that the Tabasco sauce is hot is because of the coloring red as background and container. In the bottom of this picture there words that state “Beware of the
Heat” and “Little Bottle”. Trying to let us know that the bottle can be small but its content can have tasty and hot. I believe that people who eat hot stuff can be tolerable with this Tabasco sauce. We would be good buying the product. I believe that the beware of the heat its giving the warning that the advertiser is daring the people who eat hot food that they wouldn’t be able to resist the hotness that gives when tasting the flavory hot sauce. The Tabasco sauce won’t be that bad for people who been who loves the burning of the sauce in theirs

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