Malcolm X Pathos

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During 1964 President John F. Kennedy suggested that the whole nation should act upon treating all blacks equally he achieved this goal by passing a bill to end segregation. Before this bill was passed it was up for debate. As a Black Nationalist freedom fighter Malcolm X gave a powerful speech. Malcolm X led the Black Nationalism which was a political and social movement to help blacks acquire racial equality in the economy. Malcolm X the Ballot or The Bullet states that every single black faced the same problem being the only ones who can fix it. Malcolm acknowledges his fellow people by saying “All of us have suffered here, in this country, political oppression by the hands of a white man, economic exploitation at the hands of a white man, and social degradation at the hands of the white man". Malcolm X's integrity and propaganda regrading every black male and women's issue. Malcolm's speech in fact did pave the way for blacks to have that freedom. The Ballot or the Bullet rather insinuates ethos logos, and pathos throughout the speech with creditability, logical evidence, and Malcolm's tone.
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In 1963 John F Kennedy was assassinated leaving African Americans defeated and conflicted. With Great leaders like Martin Luther king the fight wasn't over “It’s a system which forever stares the segregated in the face saying” You are less than. You are not equal to." Martin Luther king also refuted The Ballot or The Bullet speech with his very own speech “I Have a dream". According to Kingencylopedia both Martin Luther King and Malcolm agreed and disagreed on black oppression issues. The Ballot or The Bullet speech was Later on aided by Black Nationalist, Real fighters and The Ballot or The Bullet speech segregation was abolished July 2nd 1964 signed of By President Lyndon B Johnson. Malcolm X's the Ballot or The Bullet

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