Rhetorical Essay On Police Brutality

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What is Police brutality (rhetorical question)
Everyone has their own definition of what police brutality is, it may differ from person to person but most have a similar understanding of what it is.
The encyclopedia Britannica defines police brutality as the unwarranted or excessive and often illegal use of force against civilians by U.S. police officers

The history of police brutality The term ‘police brutality” was first used o October 12, 1872 in a newspaper, when a prisoner wwas maltreated. He was kicked and pounded with near fatal injuries. The next time police brutality was in the national spotlight was in the 1960’s during the civil rights movement where African American demonstrators were arrested, beaten, and lilled by police. …show more content…

Due to the high stress level and high stress situations officers encounter, they become increasingly succeptable to ptsd and other stress related health problems. To implement these tactics we would need public support and slowly introduce the method into an area with high percentage of allegations against officers to have a good comparison and determine whether our method would be succefful. This process would not show immediate results because there is not short-term solution for this long-term problem. To get public support we would need to showcase how therapy and counseling can improve the mental wellbeing and stress reduction. We can use the military as an example, on how soldiers are treated for stress and ptsd with counseling and therapy to help them reassimilate into functioning members of society. However only time will tell whether this method of reducing police brutality is effective. In conclusion we aknowledge that police brutality is an ongoing problem, it requires both citizens and law enforment to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of

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