How Did Jainism Contribute To The Rise Of Indian Civilization

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RISE OF HETRODEX SECTS IN 6TH CENTURY Submitted by- Manohar Kanwar Rathore - Shweta Toppo- Bitopan Deka- Faculty in charge Miss. Namrata Gogoi NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY AND JUDICIAL ACADEMY…show more content…
In 6th century many religious movement took place. It was an important stage in the Indian history because it was stage of growth of new religion. Rise of the heterodox sects was the result of the ritual ridden religion of the vedic period. Numerous religion sects arose in the middle of gangatic basin in 6th century B.C . Among them the Important Religion was Buddhism and Janisim. Jainism was older then Buddism. But their was many similarities between jainisim and Buddhism . Lord Mahavira was the real founder of Jainisim. At the age of 30 he left house and attain the knowledge from wandering here and there. The follower of Mahavira was known as Jainas. Mahavira believe in nudity. Shvetambaras and Digambaras were two major sects in Jainisim. Jainisim attain popularity in many kingdom. Jainism believe that human body is made up of two element Jiva and Ajiva. The seven tattvas were given in Jain religion. Tattvas means truth. Jain religion also gived eight deeds for the moksh of particular person and how to get moksh. Jain religion were divided into four group bikshus , nuns , sravakas and sravikas.The text of Jainism were written in prakrit language. Books are known as purvas. Jainism was totaly against the sacrifices and castism and deterrmination of gender. He revolt against it and

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