Robert Ross Character Analysis

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Robert Ross: Robert Ross was a Canadian soldier. He was sensitive and a caring young man. He was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross. He joined the army for the world war because he could not forgive himself for the death of his sister, Rowena. He was a brave and intelligent soldier. He was able to lead a group of army in the war and protect them from the chlorine gas attack. He was also strong-minded. His determination helped him to survive in the battles. After being raped, he burned the picture of his sister as an act of charity. He did not wanted his sister to exist in the disgraceful world. Robert Ross also represents the loss of innocence in the novel. He entered the World War 1 when he was nineteen-years old. In the beginning he was against killing then, he was forced to kill a horse. By the end of the novel he kills Captain Leather and Private Cassles. He had lost his faith and humanity in the war.

Thomas Ross and Margaret Elizabeth Ross: Thomas Ross was the father of Robert Ross. He belonged to a wealthy family. He also supported Robert’s decision to join the war. He was the only family member who attended Robert Ross funeral. Margaret Ross was the mother of Robert Ross. The character of Mrs. Ross helps us to understand the effect of the world war on the life of other people rather than the soldiers. She became an alcoholic. She also thought that being loved was a burden. She went blind when she heard that Robert was missing.

Rowena Ross: She

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