Running The Ball: Personal Narrative

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The Play I have a personal story to tell, on how I fractured my leg. They call the play for me to run the ball. I’m going to tell it in my point of view, on how the play was designed, and how the play develop for me. Also, when I got hit and how I felt. This play changed my attitude in football for the next two years. The day we had practice around six on a Thursday evening. It was muggy and it looked like it was going to rain. I was one of the first players to arrive on the field. When everyone showed up, the coaches proceeded to have practice. We had to do simple stretches at first. Near the end of the warm ups we all had to do leg lifts. If everyone keep their legs up for sixty seconds we could start hitting; however, there was always one player that couldn’t do it. We ended up running for what seemed like an eternity, but we could finally start hitting. We proceeded with separating the offence and defense. I was put on offence as the halfback. I block for…show more content…
The coach said “Strong left thirty-six, on set.” Before we lined up I thought about the play in my head, just go in-between the tackle and tight end, it was simple. As we lined up, the defense was off-set, they had overloaded the left side of the field, leaving my hole wide open. I could see myself getting at least ten yards. As the quarterback got under the center he yelled “Ready, down, set.” When he yells set I could feel the adrenaline rushing, before I knew it the play was already in motion. The offensive line hit the defensive line; as they were pushing each other for the advantage, I could hear them grunting for position. As I received the handoff from the quarterback, the blockers unclogged the hole, I hit it swift and quick, following my blockers as they were going blow for blow with the defense. I got snagged by the defensive end, but I ripped through the tackle for a six yard gain. As I saw the field open for a high amount of yards, I noticed that I could not move my right
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