Ryanair's Case Study: Cancellation Of Airlines In Malaysia

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Cancellation of flights: Due to a lot of roaster problems, miscommunication problems between the pilots and crew members and with management members it lead to migration of Ryanair employees to other rival companies (Independent UK news, 2017). Because of migration, it led to shortage of pilots, crew members and other management members as well as there were insufficient staff to handle operations of 2200 daily flights. All this issues led to cancellation of flights in winter months for which customers have to suffer. This also led to decrease in the profit margins for Ryanair as well as share market price went down by 3%.
Employee working conditions: Employees currently working in Ryanair were facing a lot of problems like cabin crew members
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Sometimes agreements fail to grant restriction free-flights from one country to another (for example UK and EU). Ryanair is founded and registered in Ireland but most of the operations and large bases for carrying out those operations are based in UK. So, after Brexit process it is going to be a negotiation or unfavourable conditions for Ryanair as well as to other low-cost airlines which are operating in UK.
Economical Factors: It directly creates impact on economy, trade cycles and profit earning margins. It can be said that there will be a recession after the UK leaves EU and is going to create a lot of impact on profit that is earned by low-cost airlines operating in UK. Once the UK based airlines start repositioning their bases in the EU then Ryanair airline may be able to manage the losses invoked due to Brexit
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Only those airlines will survive who know how make use of digital channels for marketing their services and products (Accenture, 2017). Ryanair is doing continuous improvement to provide better service and upgrading their technologies for better customer satisfaction by providing music, movies and internet browsing.
Environmental Factors: It adheres to protect environment. The main concern is about the heat waves. As the business of Ryanair is growing across EU, so it has become a concern to minimize the carbon footprints in order to protect environment. Even Ryanair aircrafts need to come up with new technology and equipment to better handle the heat waves and CO2 emissions.
Legal Factors: As UK is leaving EU so it has created a great impact on Ryanair airlines by restricting their flights from EU to UK and vice versa. After the hard Brexit, Ryanair airlines will have to come up with negotiations for using UK airports (because most of the airports are government owned while some isolated airports are privately

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