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In today’s fast-paced world, there is nothing more valued than the time carved out for a relaxing vacation. Vacations are a much needed time to relax from the drudgery of everyday life and to spend time enjoying family. As a native Texan, I have vacationed in all the major cities of Texas and each city has its own distinct atmosphere and attributes. Dallas is as different from Houston as Houston is from Austin. While all of these cities are worth visiting, if time or money limits choices and only one can be chosen, then San Antonio is the place to visit. San Antonio is the best vacation destination in Texas because of the atmosphere, food, and fun activities.
San Antonio has a relaxed and festive atmosphere that stems from the early Spanish …show more content…

Tex-Mex restaurants are numerous and many are small “Mom and Pop” places, one example is Tellez Tamales. Tellez Tamales was a wonderful find I made on a trip to San Antonio and was suggested by a local hotel clerk. Tellez Tamales is only open on the weekends, but it is absolutely the only restaurant worth eating tamales at. There are also more traditional Tex-Mex restaurants and on my first trip to San Antonio I was lucky enough to come across Mi Tierra. Mi Tierra is a beautiful restaurant open twenty-four hours a day, so you never have to be in a hurry. Mi Tierra’s food is the best in Texas, explaining why they have been in business for over sixty years. Several other restaurants in San Antonio have been featured nationally on Food Network and The Travel Channel. For example Lulu’s Café was featured on Man v. Food for the enormous three and a half pound cinnamon roll and Texas Pride Barbecue on Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives for their delicious smoked meats. San Antonio has many delicious food options allowing the vacationer to find a place to enjoy and relax over a meal and still delivering great …show more content…

For example Sea World has been a favorite of my family. We have enjoyed the animal shows, but our favorite experience was feeding the dolphins. While the dolphins are busy eating the fish, a person can reach out and pet their side and that is not an everyday experience. San Antonio is famous around the world for the Alamo, but the Alamo is only one of five historic missions around the city. Another historic site well worth the visit is the Spanish Governor’s Palace located in downtown San Antonio. San Antonio has many natural attractions in the area. A visit would not be complete without a boat tour or walk along the famous San Antonio River Walk. The San Antonio Zoo is an attraction drawing many families both local and tourist to spend a day enjoying the many different animals. Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Park is a great place for the nature lover. The animals in the drive thru safari are tame, coming to the window, and eating out of a person’s hand. I was able to hand feed a zebra that came right up to my truck window. San Antonio has numerous fun activities unique to the

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