Selena Quintanillas Accomplishments

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Selena Quintanilla Périez was a mexican American who loved to sing. It all started when her dad made a band for her brothers and her sisters called Selena Y Los Dinos, they started playing live at her father's restaurant .She often referred to as the queen of Tejano because she won so many awards for it. Her life was filled with friends, family, and fans who supported her, through her rough times and her good times.Unfortunately on March 31, 1995 it all came to an end. When Selena was younger her dad learned that Selena was a good singer, and saw she had talent, so he made his kids start a band called Selena Y Los Dinos. Selena Y Los Dinos practiced all the time in the living room. Eventually Selena's father quit his job and started a restaurant. Selena Y Los Dinos played at the restaurant, and people came just to listen to them, business was great for a while. But, less people came and eventually the restaurant had to close down. Selena became bigger and bigger, and had so many fans. She was good but they were missing something. Selena's brother found a really good guitarist, but Selena's dad …show more content…

She even received a Grammy for best Mexican American performance for “Selena live”. Winning the Grammy gave her more fame, so she got to do more things. She even got to talk to kids at a middle school. Altogether she won 6 tejano music awards, including top female vocalist for the eighth time! She was even in the process of recording her first English language album that was expected to launch her into a crossover career but sadly Selena was murdered. Selena was murdered by her associate Yolanda Salvador on Friday, March 31st. Yolanda and Selena were good friends but Yolanda started taking money from Selena. So Selena went over one night to talk to her about the money problem and Selena turned around after they were done talking to leave and Yolanda shot her in the back, and that is how Selena

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