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The results of unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathic understanding from the part of the therapist in the relationship are many. Client opens more to the therapist, his self-concepts become more positive and more realistic and they can handle more effectively the stress.
Self- determination and Self-actualization are two more concepts in client-centered theory. According to Self- determination, people can develop a sense of self where they can recognize how their feelings and behavior are being affected in negative way. Based on self- actualization, Rogers assumed that every person can achieve their goals and needs in life. Self-actualization takes place when the “ideal self” of an individual, who he would like to be, is congruent with his “self-image”, who really is. Rogers describes a person who is actualizing as a fully functioning person which means that a person would be would be a person-in-process who continually changing. In Helen’s case the ideal self is that she want to be a great mother, whose their children do not accuse her, a more sensitive and understanding husband, some friends and a more optimistically future with a career. All these come contrary to the self image she has - an unhappy marriage with no friends and two children who blame her.
The goals of client-centered therapy which will
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The reason why I decided this is because Helen has many symptoms of some disorders. She is overweight maybe due to the fact that her appetite changes, she has low mood and difficulties with sleep, symptoms which indicate depression. Also, has significant anxiety, occasional panic attacks and avoids eye contact. The best options of assessment scales are the “Beck Depression Inventory” and the “Beck Anxiety Inventory”. Based on the results I will get, I will apply the necessary

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