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Learning about my strengths and weaknesses with the self-assessment has helped me to figure out how to be successful in school and what I need to improve on. In perspective, I thought the self-assessment was meaningful and beneficial because it will make me be more aware of what I should focus on and improve. I did not learn anything new about myself but I am going to be more aware of what I can change for the better about myself.

My weaknesses from the survey were expected because I honestly do not have a very outgoing personality and I expected to score poorly in those areas. From the skills on the survey, (Bethel University, 2014) says I score the poorest on the areas of positive visualization/optimism, self esteem/confidence, energy …show more content…

(Bethel University, 2014) suggests to me that my strengths are reading, determination, creative problem solving, understanding technology and ability to focus on one thing at a time. My strengths tell me that I am able to figure out problems and do not like to fail. My strengths have benefited me in my life because I am logical and can come up with solutions to problems. I never give up and when I want something fixed or done, I make sure to do it right and get it done.

To help myself with my weaknesses, I plan on checking out some self-help books and applying them to my life. My strengths keep me persistent in achieving my goals in daily life and at home, however, I think if I were to pay attention to my weaknesses then it would make my transition in school a lot easier.

Solid communication skills are important because they affect how well we succeed in our daily lives and careers. To attain success with having solid communication skills, I think it pertains to reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We have to communicate with people and in order to do that we have to learn how to read and write …show more content…

I think that whether we are leading people at work or talking to our children at home, our goal should be to become a strong communicator. The way that I hope to improve my writing skills is to write daily. While I am reading material for school online and taking notes, I try to use online resources for checking grammar and punctuation. I have bookmarked the Purdue online writing lab, Grammar Girl and for my online resources to help me improve my writing.

The benefit of learning how to write better and use APA citation with no doubt in my mind is that I will be a better writer and get better grades in school. I want to be able to communicate well with everyone that I come into contact with. Whether it is in an email, at home with my children or husband and if I am at work, I want to be able to communicate to the best of my ability and have strong, solid communication

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