Service Loose Coupling Research Paper

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Service Loose Coupling refers to a connection or some type of relationship that is formed between two things (Service, n.d.). The four primary design principles of SOA are; • Service Loose Coupling • Service Abstraction • Service Reusability • Standardized Service Contract These are the goals that were set for the design principles. • Increased Intrinsic Interoperability • Increased Federation • Increased Vendor Diversification Options • Increased Business and Technology Domain Alignment • Increased ROI • Increased Organizational Agility • Reduced IT Burden References Erl, T. (2008). SOA principles of service design (1st ed). Retrieved from Richardson, T. (2008). Service Oriented…show more content…
For each service that is created to do a certain job, must have a contract that states the goals of this particular service (Richardson, 2008). For example, if the service is going to be shredding documents. The contract must state specifically the duties of this service. This covers any misconception there might arise later about who does what and when. Businesses all time produce waste that they do not want to fall into the wrong hands. So, this is why they have to be shredded. Now, the company who's going to perform the service will have to make sure their shredder is large enough to handle the job. If they only had those small office type shredders, that would cause a problem. Say, for instance, Anderson’s Shredder Company has the job of shredding documents from the local hospital. In order to handle a job that size, would require the industrial shredders.That amount of paper would be too much for a regular office shredder. That is considered a coarse-grained service, which requires major weight. The company would have to buy a supply of shredders. Because that many documents to be shredded would result in burning out the motors in the small office shredders. But if they purchased the industrial shredders, it would fit the job perfectly. The reusability of this service would suffice if they had the large industrial shredders. However, if not, their business would be in danger of failure. There would be little chance of survival. And on the other hand, there is data granularity. Just you would choose a computer or laptop, you would want to use it for whatever business you are running. If your company is on a large scale, then you would not want to purchase a computer that could not hold all the data you need for your business. You would have information on your employees as well as your inventory and products. So again, if the computers have too small of storage

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