Cell Phones Disadvantages

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The number of students with cell phones is rising and topics involving whether or not cell phones should be allowed in class is also. Although some believe cell phone are a complete disruption to the class learning, and teachers teaching, nevertheless there are many ways cell phone can be a huge advantage to students and teachers. Cell phones open up a whole new spectrum and an atmosphere of learning. Some people worry that if teachers start allowing students to use cell phones during class time that they would mistreat the responsibility, but if the school had their own wifi passcode they could block certain website such as social media that would cut down on the problem. This would allow them to monitor the students so they are only on websites that the teacher wanted them on and not messing around with social media. Cell Phone allow interactions between people if they need help with a homework or assignment.
One reason why teacher and schools should start allowing students to use cellular devices in classrooms is they become more likely to be engaged when using something that brings them joy. In the article …show more content…

If students were permitted to use cell phones they could have the newest updates at the click of a button. Schools wouldn 't have to pay to update and send them in to get fixed. In an article titled As Schools Lift Bans on Cell Phones, Educators Weigh Pros and Cons it states, “The second part is that they’re really seeing them as a learning tool, not just a toy for entertainment, and they’re seeing that they can be cost effective for the schools instead of having to purchase technology for students.” If schools didn’t spend so much money on new textbooks that could be downloaded onto students personal devices, they could put more money towards making the school a better work environment for students and

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