Should Driving Age Be Raised To 21?

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Driving Age: should it be raised to 21? There has been much discussion about should or should not the diving age be raised to 20. This issue has been a problem for years. It’s not that if you are 18 you have to drive you need to be aware that you may kill people with driving. Driving at high speed will also put you in danger. You also you need to be responsible about your self and your car, because its your own car if you had a flat tier no one is going to help you to do it you need to be responsible and know how to fix it. Driving age should not be raised to 21 because it make the person responsible about himself and have a better experience in life. A major reason why the driving age should not be raised is that teenagers have to be responsible about them selves. Teenagers have responsibility to deal with like going to school or having a job their parents will not be free all the time to take them where ever they need to go. Teenagers also need to have some fun like go out with their friends, go to cinema or to coffee shops their parents will not be free to give them a ride. Also teenagers can help their family like go to the grocery store and pick up stuff that the family need or take their younger brothers from school. Teenagers who have school and work in the same time they need to have driving license to get to their destination, because if they will use public transportation they will always be late at their work or school. I don’t think that the age who can say
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