Should Kids Have Summer Break Essay

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Should Kids Have Summer Break? Many people are asking the same question, should we end summer break? Summer is about making memories, spending time with your family, and getting a break from social pressure. We should keep summer because it’s great for making memories, making a year round schedule is hard, and the teachers need a break too. The first reason why kids should have summer break is because summer is about making memories and is an American culture. According to “Is Summer Break Necessary?” during summer, families do things that they can’t do during the school year like go on vacation. In the summer kids get the chance to do things like go to camps, go on vacation, and just have fun in general. Another thing is summer allows students to participate in sports. Tradition can be hard to change but summer is a tradition …show more content…

According to Heather Wolpert-Gawron, during summer break teachers can fix lessons they didn’t like during the school year. During the school year teachers might find an article that give them inspirations for new lessons but can’t read them so wait till summer. Summer can be used work on their new lesson plans or project ideas (Wolpert-Gawron). Teachers have a very important job and even though everyone says they get summers off in reality they are working on new lesson plans. Teachers have a very important job and taking away their summer would make it harder. If you take away a teachers summer how are they supposed to plan new lessons or fix on old ones without the extra time. During summer break teachers learn how to use new classroom tools that they will be expected to use during the next school year. They have to re-organize their classroom over the summer too. Also when it is summer break many teachers take classes to get a higher teaching degree. Teachers have one of the most important jobs! Don’t take away their

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