Should Pennies Be Eliminated

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Pennies have been a huge part of our history, and has also had a big impact on us. The penny represents strong will, positivity and pure energy. Abraham Lincoln was the first historical figure to the US so that is why his face is on the penny. But the penny is destroying our economy. For many years people have been fighting to eliminate pennies for many reasons. One of the most popular reasons to eliminate pennies is that pennies cost more to produce than the actual worth of the penny. “The united States government lost $60.2 million on production and distribution of pennies in 2011,” (Sommer) wrote, source #1. (Sommer) also wrote that Each zinc and copper coin cost 2.41 cents to produce and distribute”. Meanwhile a penny is only worth 1 cent. “The penny is also inflating our economy and should be eliminated,” stated (Maria) source #4.…show more content…
”Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Britain have already dropped their lowest denominated coins,” stated (Sommer) source #1. Also Sommer wrote for over 30 years foreign military bases have not been using pennies, but instead the shops, and restaurants round to the nearest five cents. So that 's is one of the reasons, penny should be eliminated. Undoubtedly a good reason to get rid of pennies is that they take up way too much space. They take up space on our counter tops and in our drawers. Pennies are too heavy when carried in a bunch and not effective to ship out. Because of this, military bases have been rounding to the nearest cents instead of pennies because it is more efficient. So that is another reason that pennies should be

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