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No matter young or old, rich or poor, there is one part of the day that no one can live without — sleep. This time is a crucial period of recovery and refreshment for the mind and body, and it has even been demonstrated that insufficient amounts of it can impair physical health, mental coordination, and lead to higher risk of chronic illness. In fact, recent studies have shown that moving the school day later allows for more productive sleep and less groggy teens, a significant step towards making the most of this essential time to recharge and rest. This is because of how later times align better with the teenage circadian rhythm and fit more easily into the day, making it much less difficult for teens to wake up for school. It has been shown…show more content…
When considering the question of moving school schedules later, the best choice for the country’s future is definitely to do so, with the variety of benefits for youth from mental to academic associated with such a simple change. As demonstrated, later schedules are critical to better sleep for young adults and children, by aligning with the body’s natural sleep rhythm. This leads to better academic performance and productivity, as students wake up already recharged and ready for school. Lastly, the improved sleep resulting from moving schedules helps mental and physical development, making for healthier and happier youth. If schools continue to start at unnecessarily early times, teenage and childhood sleep will be interrupted prematurely, leading to inattentive, unproductive, and unhealthy youth during the school day, and detrimental effects on the nation’s productivity and safety. What would you want for the country’s future — unhappy, tired youth who slog through school half-asleep, or attentive and energetic kids who make the most of the day and are healthy and well-performing? A simple shift of one hour or less is a great step towards a productive, prosperous, and thriving

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