Should Shakespeare Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Should shakespeare be taught in high school

“To live too die, to live again,” these words you will very much know if you have read romeo and juliet since this is what is said in the book and is acted in so many ways. Shakespeare in all of it’s complicated words and twist in the plot makes it difficult to follow along with what is happening. This is what makes shakespeare a desired author in reading in english class, but many people are starting to realize that shakespeare may actually not be helping students, but this theory is of course only in their opinion. If you were to ask me I would say that shakespeare should continue to be taught throughout high school. Romeo and Juliet is as you know very challenging to read and follow along too but in my opinion this is what helps high school students develop good reading. If a student is capable to read along to a shakespeare play fluently with only minor mistakes and errors then they would be most fully capable to read a standard high school english book that is much more simpler then something like Romeo and Juliet. Also it slightly opens students eyes to what old english used to be like and how it was spoken in the time of shakespeare. In addition some teachers go the extra mile and will actually set a …show more content…

Also this book can prepare students for the outside world and how to strive for what you want in this challenging society. Although many people feel that Romeo and Juliet should not be taught in high school and have logical reasoning to back up their opinion I feel that it should still be taught due to the reasoning I have previously provided you with prior to this conclusion. Finally I actually like Romeo and Juliet and admire shakespeare for having the imagination to be able to write this and create one of the most unexpected plot twist in play

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