Should Student Athletes Be Paid Essay

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A debating question amongst most sports fans is; should student athletes be paid? The answer is no. Student-athletes should not be paid for playing. Student-athletes receive scholarships that cover school expensive witch already helps students tremendously. Apart from that, paying student athletes causes fewer scholarships to go to other students, preparing them for future jobs, promoting school over sports, and many more beyond those.

Some say student-athletes deserve to be paid for their effort while playing, this is because the NCAA over-profits student success. It takes $1.6 billion in revenue to distribute unfairly to the coaches and themselves instead of giving back to more scholarships they can give it back to the players earning that money. The truth is that scholarships are fair financial trade. According …show more content…

By paying student-athletes, colleges would have to resort to giving fewer scholarships and the remaining scholarships would be handed out to sports of higher entertainment. Even though each student-athlete puts in a great deal of effort like all the rest.

Scholarships to help student-athletes gain diplomas while playing for their school. But by paying student-athletes, schools show that sports should be valued and put over school work. This should be importantly noted because a recent study showed that 9.9% of baseball players and even less of basketball and football players make it to the pros. By encouraging athletes to put forth effort in school 70% of NCAA athletes graduate with a bachelor's degree, and 39% earned an advanced degree.

Paying student-athletes takes away the line between professional sports and college sports. Without the incentive to be paid in the major leagues and not college-level sports there would be no drive to join a higher level of competition.
It also shows a lack of passion for your sport if you are only doing it for the

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