Skilled Nurse Career Analysis

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At a later time in my career, I worked as a Director of nursing for a Skilled Nursing Facility; a dilemma presented itself because we lacked Registered Nurse managers. Our facility offered a substandard benefit package and pay rate for managers and this hindered the hiring process. Corporate refused to approve higher starting wages, therefore, I had to become creative and start thinking outside of the box. There were a few experienced and gifted license practical nurses I thought would be primary candidates to groom for certain positions. After review of state regulations, I presented this proposal to corporate and this idea was approved. These individuals received a slight pay raise to compensate for their additional duties and they …show more content…

The last paragraph of the Hippocratic Oath states, “ With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.” This is when and where we get our wings; we become guardian angels dedicated to being their voice or as stated above devoted to their welfare. We are their guardians in every aspect; report abnormal findings, requesting further investigations, educating everyone involved, comforting when needed and celebrating triumphal reports. The first portion of the quoted vow listed above demonstrates the overlap of our positions with the physicians, as we work toward a common goals of a best patient outcome a dual guardianship is established. Trusting each other 's judgements and actions is essential to achieve the ambiguous term mention “loyalty.” One thing is clear, we assist the practitioners achieve the plan of treatment or aid them in their guardianship responsibilities. As guardians we differ, with those granted wings we carry out the care and the doctors responsibility is in the plan and follow up of the care. Although, our roles differ they are codependent to accomplish an optimum result for our patients cohesiveness is not …show more content…

Plan of care, risk factors, quality measures and categorization payment are all derived from this precious form. It is empowering to collect the data because the collection predicts many pertinent areas to the productivity of the client 's condition. A conference with the client and their family is planned around the completion of this assessment to discuss the patient’s goals and the current status. As the coordinator of the meeting, my role is primarily oversight to makes sure all regulatory compliance has been met and is documented. To step out of my box an advocate for a review of the chart with the IDT prior to the meeting would not only empower me as a nurse but my colleagues, as well. We would be better equipped to anticipate the needs of the participants producing a more reliable and credible relationship; as well as, reducing the need for follow-up

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