Sleep Deprivation: A Common Problem In The United States

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Sleep deprivation is a common problem in the United States, affecting people of all ages. Our bodies are in a constant state of repair and renewal. Sleeping is a basic human need. much like eating, drinking, and breathing. It can interfere with school, work, driving, social activities, and in general-life. Sleep deficiency causes us to be confused, cranky, and confused. It causes us make poor decisions, misjudge other people's emotions, and have slow reaction times. If you do not get enough sleep, at the wrong times, have poor quality, it can eventually lead to physical and mental health problems, injury, loss of productivity, or an even greater risk of death.


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Shift work can disrupt the natural sleep cycle.

Medical problems can also cause sleep deprivation. Sleep disorders or other medical conditions that cause awakening and poor sleep can be to blame.

Secondly, aging plays a role in our sleep cycle. According to "After the age of 40 our sleep patterns change, and we have many more nocturnal awakenings than in our younger years." (How to sleep better citation here) These awakenings are also impacted with possible other conditions that may cause nocturnal arousals or awakenings that may exist compacting our sleep cycle and causing us to awaken feeling unrefreshed.

Mental stressors can impact our sleep cycle. Sleep deprivation can occur when personal obligations restrict our sleep time. Work deadlines, marriage demands, school exams, and in general everyday pressures can prevent us from falling asleep and possibly wake us from sleeping throughout the night. Turning off the noise of the day and being able to rest from daily pressures is vital in iniating a restful night's …show more content…

Caffeine increases the number of times you awaken at night and decreases the amount of good hours of consistent sleep you actually receive. Nicotine, in high does is similar to caffeine and actually cause sleep arousal. Alcohol acts as a sedative initially; however when it is metabolized it causes arousals that can last several hours after it has been eliminated. When the three mentioned above, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are used in combination, they can affect your sleep dramatically leaving you feeling unrefreshed, unrestored, and

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