Soccer-Personal Narrative

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If I could go back in time I would go back to the day I signed up for school sports and switch the little check in the football box to the soccer box. It was sixth grade year and it was the first year I could play school sports and I was the happiest kid alive. In my head I thought football was going to be super fun but, in reality, I wasn 't very good at it. I stuck with it for a couple years but I just didn 't have the size or strength. Finally, as a freshman I switched over to soccer which is something i 'm extremely glad I did. Soccer is something that I didn 't play much as a kid but, my brother and my sister played so I was always around it. When I switched to soccer I didn’t know it would become as big of a passion of mine as it did. From that point i’ve played all year round from playing indoor…show more content…
The friendships made from playing soccer are a wonderful thing, they just give the sport a little something extra because now you 're not only playing for your team but you’re also playing to beat your friend on the other team. It just gives the sport a little extra competition. Soccer to me hasn’t been just going out and playing games against other people it also is a huge relaxation technique. Some people won’t see it as that, but for me if I have something on my mind I can head out to the field and shoot around or I can run some drills and it just seems like nothing matters anymore. For someone who isn’t into soccer that doesn 't sound like fun, but for me it 's the best place to be in times of stress. Soccer helped me transition to adulthood by teaching me life skills within the game. There are so many lessons to be learned within the game of soccer, such as “when life knocks you down just get back up and keep going”. In soccer if you fall down the game doesn 't stop, or no one stands there and waits for you to get up, everything just keeps going and that’s the same thing in the real world, no one is going to stand there and wait for you when something
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