Social Movement: Key Concepts In Political Science

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UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST FACULTY OF SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK PROJECT FOR ENGLISH 1ST YEAR Student, Cot Andreea –Nicoleta 1st Series, 2nd Group 2017-2018 My choice of book is Social Movement: Key Concepts in Political Science by Paul Wilkinson, written in London in 1971. Introduction The English word ꞌmovementꞌ derives from the old French and medieval Latin words ꞌmovoirꞌ respectively ꞌmovimentumꞌ. A different and now obsolete usage of the term was to denote some ꞌliberalꞌ, ꞌinnovatoryꞌ or ꞌprogressiveꞌ parties or functions as in cases of ꞌparti du movementꞌ in France or ꞌmovement partyꞌ in the early part of the nineteenth-century Britain. Political concepts are a big part of our daily speech-we abuse 'bureaucracy' and praise 'democracy', welcome…show more content…
There are many today who would disagree with Bismarck's view that politics can never be an exact science. But all of us who are students of politics-and our numbers both inside and outside the universities continue to grow-will be the better for knowing what precisely we mean when we use a common political term. Concepts It is possible to analyse the difficulties of the refinement of the social movement concept under five main headings: the problem of generality, dangers of ambiguity, problems of reification, problems of the type concept and problems of comparison. The things that are logically connected with the problems of reification are the pitfalls of type-concepts. Social movement is itself a ꞌtypeꞌ concept, in that is must necessarily be related to a wider typology of social institutions, collectivities and phenomena, and it rises simultaneous problems of defining social movement types and subtypes. However, social movements are rarely one-dimensional; they tend to be multidimensional. A working concept? It is proposed that our working concept should attempt to identify and generally define the quintessential characteristics may thus be defined as a precondition of social

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