The Importance Of Drugs In Sports

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Many people have used drugs in this world and in many cases, sports-related drugs. These illegal drugs help these athletes that are at a disadvantage of those who trained in extreme regions.
We Affirm the resolution
We affirm the resolution as these sport enhancements help athletes that are at a disadvantage than those that trained in harsher regions to increase the amount for heat or freezing they can tolerate.

We would like to present the following definitions:
Doping is defined by using drugs in sports to mean enhancing performance in sports.
Sport enhancements are defined by substances used in sports to mean to increase one’s athletic ablity.
The 3 main contentions we believe affirm/negate this resolution are:
Every athlete trains …show more content…

The evidence to support this is
"Some argue that taking drugs is 'against the spirit of sport.' But it is difficult to defend the current line between what athletes can and cannot do in order to enhance their performance.
In the Tour de France, cyclists can use overnight intravenous nutrition and hydration to restore their bodies. Training at high altitude is permitted, though it gives those athletes an edge over competitors who must train at sea level.
The World Anti-Doping Code no longer prohibits caffeine. In any case, performance-enhancement is...the very spirit of sport. We should allow athletes to pursue it by any safe means.
Moreover, I would argue that sport has no single 'spirit.' People play sports to socialize, for exercise, to keep fit, to earn money, to become famous, to prevent boredom, to find love, and for the sheer fun of it. They may strive to improve their performance, but often they do so for its own sake, for the sense of achievement" (Peter Singer)
This quote tells of how each athlete trains in different regions as one may train in the mountains and one may train in the desert to withstand …show more content…

The first class enhances normal physiology to improve training and recovery, and includes some anabolic steroids (such as testosterone) and growth hormone. The second enhances normal physiology to improve performance in competition, and includes blood doping and the use of human erythropoietin (EPO) – a naturally produced hormone that stimulates red blood-cell production, thereby improving the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen” (Aeon). This quote by Aeon tells how these sport enhancements help the body. This can show how recovery is faster and that athletes train even harder as they have more room to breathe inside their lungs.

We have presented 3 strong arguments which were
Every athlete trains in different regions and certain regions will be more of an advantage than those in perfect weather conditions.
Using drugs can help athletes train harder and feel no pain during play.
Drugs can increase recovery speed and performance especially in injured players.
Concluding statement: These drugs may be illegal today, but there can be exceptions to why they are used on athletes, especially those who are either injured, in a state of depression, or are at a disadvantage.

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