Stalemate During World War 1

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The First World War accomplished little or nothing but to create the circumstances that made the second conflict possible. These conflicts constituted a waste of lives, millions and millions of young people were killed, with almost nothing lived. The brutality was present in every point of this war and the lack of communication and lack of compassion from the officers. “Stalemate” according with the Oxford Dictionary “A situation in which further action or progress by opposing or competing parties seems impossible” and refers to 1915,when Allies made a minimum or no progress and the Western Front took form and losses appears to be the only outcome. “The Allies were fighting their troop with incredible distance between them. The banging and …show more content…

Measured from Memel on the Baltic to Czernowitz in the Carpathians and from Nieuport in Belgium to the Swiss border near Frieburg, the line of earthworks stretched for nearly 1,300 miles!” The reality was that with all that land, the Allies the lack of movement establishes the state of stalemate present from autumn 1914 until spring 1918. In that period of time, both sides, started crossing no-man’s land, with constituted the waste of time, and forces because no one gained advantage. Keegan describes in details, in this chapter, the situation of the war, where all the sides had excessive lines of trenches making their fronts but also expanding the territory they had. The supplies of soldiers and weapons was limited by the time, but they could brought it to the front apparently safety. Troops in the trenches were designed to climb ladders and go “over the top” to attack the enemy. “The Germans had shown that they had learnt much about the methods of defending an entrenched front, the Allies that they had learnt nothing about means of breaking through” An example of one of the most brutal strategies of the entire war, because hundreds of men lost their lives knowing their destinies because the enemy had sometimes better weapons and they only had

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