Standardized Testing Argument Essay

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“Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds” Diane Ravitch. Standardized test are a collection of information about one or more students. This means that different students will take the same test and then the test will be evaluated by professors to see how students did. Standardized test also provide teacher evaluation, which is if the professor is teaching the students in the right way, meaning if students are understanding what the professor is teaching. Like many issues in education, standardized testing brings a lot of controversial opinions among teachers, voters and parents. A lot of people believe that standardized test are good for student and…show more content…
One article that is against standardized test is “Study says standardized testing is overwhelming nation’s public schools”by Lyndsey Layton. According to “The heaviest testing load falls on the nation’s eighth-graders, who spend an average of 25.3 hours during the school year taking standardized tests. Testing affects even the youngest students, with the average pre-K class giving 4.1 standardized tests, the report found”. This shows how students taking standardized test can be overwhelming and stressful for students. The 8th graders are being tested more often than any other grade. Another example is “ “But fewer assessments of higher quality are better. . . . What we have now across the country is confusing, hard to navigate and, I believe, abusive of both teacher and student time.” this shows how standardized test are a waste of time for the students and the teachers since instead of the teachers be giving lessons, they have to take the little bit of time they have for their class to be giving test to students. Another example is “When you teach to a test or even prep for a test, educators are taken away from some of the good work they could be doing helping students learn”. Teachers take a lot of their time training kids for tests and to make sure they get the information they need in order to pass the tests given by the
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