What Is Steve Jobs Failure

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Success and failure of Steve Jobs 2
Introduction 2
The success factors 2
Apple I 3
Apple II 3
Mac 3
NeXT 3
Apple III 4
The failure factors 4
Lisa Apple 4
Yourself as a Technopreneur 6
Introduction to technopreneurship 6
Myself as a technopreneur 6
Types of technopreneurship 8
Role of Technopreneurship types 8
Innovative : 8
Imitative : 8
A rent-seeking : 8
Incremental : 8
Importance of technology and technology investment in any business plan 9
Introduction to technology 9
Importance of technology and technology investment 9
Some Common mistakes when investing in technology without proper knowledge 9
Failure to set up a budget. 9
Buy innovative rather than best fit. 9
Failure to build up a technology vision. 10
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Steve was terribly intelligent and sharp minded person ,we can say that he was the “Father of technopreneour” .He had plenty of dreams and idea’s that take him to the best height .He showed however success may be achieved by thinking outside of the box .
Jobs captured our imaginations , because he understood his customers and he knew that every customer need the simple and easy things. He think that the customer don’t care about the product . They care regarding themselves, their hopes, their ambitions. He usually told his workers that if you facilitate your customers reach their dreams, you may win them over .The creation of Steve Jobs square measure the work of months or th years of perfection .

The success factors Anything less than perfect is not acceptable. Steve doesn’t cool down solely with the mediocity .He invariably attempting to realize the simplest issue .He was terribly fastidious on every deal and his ideas were extraordinary . Once he aforementioned that creative thinking is connecting issue ,his suggests that that the persons with broad set of life experiences will see the items that others could also be miss .He cosmopolitan to some countries as a result of he need to attach ideas from completely different …show more content…

Lisa stands forgotten within the define of the Macintosh, however its abject breakdown . Steve Jobs, WHO was taken off and placed on another project .
Lisa Apple was the primary viable pc with a user interface. before the Lisa, all computers were text base , once typewritten commands on keyboard to make the system reply.With the Lisa, simply solely point-and-click at very little photos on the screen with somewhat rolling device known as a 'mouse '.

Apple Lisa was AN wondrous advancement in a very easy automatic data processing system, however Apple did not discover the thought of the interface, it absolutely was harsh to mention World Health Organization did. however Xerox 's town do center PARC and created the primary pc with a interface and a mouse.
Although Apple pay an improbable quantity of your time and cash rising the Lisa, four years roughly, it bowed dead set be Associate in Nursing not accepted system, as a result of its high value and few vacant computer code applications. to boot, it absolutely was quite slow, because the massive and complicated package was a colossal load on 5MHz electronic

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