Stonewall Jackson: Great Battle Tactics

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Stonewall Jackson was a good general that fought well and had great battle tactics. Stonewall Jackson was most famous for his battle tactics at the battle of first bull run. He and his army “stood like a stone wall” on the battlefront. Some of his men were saying how they stood like a stone wall and that's where he got the name, Stonewall jackson. Stonewall jackson, was also a great general because he was fearlessness and had tenacity. Stonewall jackson also got a lot of leader skills from General Robert E. Lee. Stonewall jackson also learned a lot of things from the military academy that he went to. In 1842, Jackson enrolled at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Stonewall jackson was very successful throughout the civil war. He was one of the best leaders to ever be in the civil war. Stonewall jackson went straight from the military school to the …show more content…

After that battle, Stonewall jackson was promoted to major general because of his tactics and great quick thinking while fighting on the battlefront. The Valley of virginia was started by stonewall jackson in spring. It was a campaign he started and he helped defend some of the western virginia parts from the union. After stonewall jackson had very many victories he was ordered to join General Robert E. Lee's forces in 1862. Stonewall jackson had made up and organized many successful military fighting tactics at the battles he had fought. These battles had taken up to 7 days to be over. This experience had made him a great leader and gave him more knowledge on what to do while on the battlefield. The only person to rank higher than stonewall jackson was General Robert E. Lee. Stonewall jackson had better tactics and was considered a better war hero in the south than General Robert E. Lee was. T.J. “Stonewall” jackson was a great leader and an incredible fighter, He was also one of the greatest war heroes

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