Stop Police Brutality Persuasive Essay

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Kb is doing a little over the speed limit and speeds past a red light. He know he did this but he was overdosed on some medication that his doctor previously gave him. Then within a few seconds Kb noticed through his driver side mirror that state trooper number 73 flashed his lights. He Would 've never thought he would get pulled over but he did. He saw the light and refused to stop, He forgot he only can go a certain speed because his transmission was going bad, After a few more feet his 2013 Chevrolet Equinox stopped. The trooper got out his car and asked for his license and registration. While her reached in his arm rest he pulled out his black wallet and the officer pulled out his gun and shot Kb 1 time in the shoulder. The trooper noticed …show more content…

The second reason the American police system needs to stop police brutality is because They kill black people for no reason, When a black man reach for his license and registration like the officer told him to , They can 't just assume that they are reaching for a arm force. In fact “If we have a shooting, we end up assuming that it had to be racial,” (lowery 3)They have to the best they can to enforce rules that will stop police brutality.

The last reason the American police system need to stop police brutality is they people they kill is innocent. In fact “No one cares for black communities more than black people themselves,”(kunter 2) Why would they target innocent people that have families they have to care for or have big responsibilities. People like Eric Garner were innocent and shouldn 't have got their life taken.

From the other side people say “The Officer would have never did what he did if you did what you were supposed to”, also the officer probably felt offended or threatened that just don 't kill or hurt people because they feel like it .“Power always thinks it has a great soul,” and it cannot be trusted if left unchecked (adams to jefferson). People think the officers do what they have to do to protect themselves, But They do everything for a reason. They wouldn 't just hurt or harm a citizen for no reason

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