Strength Action Plan Assignment

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Strengths Action Plan Assignment- Nicholas Gaston
Part A: Strength Themes
Theme 1- Responsibility
In my junior year of high school my English teacher, Dawn Dayhoff, assigned a project in which we were to write a six-word long memoir. My memoir was this: “Your decision: Accuse, Excuse, or Choose.” I have made it a point in my life to be someone that is a “chooser.” The idea behind someone that is a chooser is that they take ownership over their life, in their words and their actions. To me, this is the definition of someone with the Strength Finder 2.0 theme of Responsibility: one that owns his or her actions (and words), follows through to completion, and is an all around dependable person (Rath, 2007, p.149). Additionally, an important part …show more content…

133). I love the process of learning, the transferring of thousands of years of humankind’s knowledge from one generation to another. To me the theme of Learner is about acquiring all kinds of information and then using that information to produce better future outcomes. It means to ponder options thoroughly and not react to a situation without due consideration first (Gallup, 2012). Learning is not only about acquiring information, but also acquiring a broad variety of …show more content…

One, I will be in a position that enables me to leverage the broad (and on some topics deep) knowledge I possess of things that have happened to develop solutions to new problems. That is, taking the ideas from past events to use them in unique ways for current events. Two, the accounting profession is a constantly changing one and being eager to learn new things will be beneficial. And, three, I am always interested in the continuous improvement of both myself and of processes.

Theme 3- Achiever
To me, someone with the Strengths Finder 2.0 theme of Achiever is someone that successfully leverages his or her skills and those of others to complete a task/project with high quality results (Rath, 2007, p.37). Achievers are driven from within, meaning they do not often need (or seek) external validation for their accomplishments (Gallup, 2012). They often have the stamina to outperform others and are consistent at delivering stellar results.

The things I do and the results produced by them are often seen by others as extraordinary accomplishments, but I do not often see them as such (Tracey, 2015). I set very challenging, yet attainable, goals and benchmark myself as I work on it. I commit to producing the best that I can in everything I associate my name

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