Studying Abroad Disadvantages

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Have you ever seen a person leave the land of the country on which he lives because of the harsh condition? Yes, it’s the harsh conditions that have forced many people to leave their homes and parents in search of a decent life. In spite of the harshness of this circumstance, it created in them a new spirit capable of bearing all these difficulties. The real concept of the immigrant is that this person will leave his country and migrate to another country in search of that life that will achieve his self-stability and also a successful and happy social life. Immigrants searching for a better life struggle with migration, studying abroad, and a lack of healthy food. Migration Bozorgmehr and Razum (2016) explain that Migration is the real…show more content…
Like everything else, it has many advantages and many disadvantages too. But the value of the advantages that accrue to the student studying abroad, and the reflected academic, cultural, educational and career development, cannot in any way compare with some of the negatives that can be exposed to it which have - often - effective solutions, we focus on them Permanent in Hotcourses. The most important benefits to the international student, from studying abroad, in any discipline: New study experience, when you go to study in a country other than your country, you will certainly have countless experiences in dealing with people of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures, and gives you social and interactive benefits that are difficult to obtain while studying in your country. Not only personal aspects, but extends to new educational and study experiences and completely different in the tools and ideas about the school system in your country. Every lecture or lesson or practical application or workshop in international universities, will leave a significant impact on your educational perception and achievement. Featured CV, the labor market around the world is undoubtedly more specialized and difficult to find jobs for graduates. As for the holder of an academic degree from an international university abroad, it will certainly have a major priority in the job market in any field as a global international certificate, indicating to receive a distinguished education, taking into account the theoretical, practical and applied aspects, and putting continuous training at the top of his
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