Style Of Academic Writing

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The academic writings as part of professional manifestation and intellectual discourse have different forms and objectives. It depends upon the faculty of knowledge and discipline which lay emphasis on usage of a certain style of writing and form of presentation. The academic writing may be in the form of book, chapter, report, research article, thesis, conference paper and technical report. All of them follow a formal style of presentation and discussion of an idea. The writing styles for academic pursuits may vary on the basis of discipline. Different disciplines may have different recognised conventions of writing. The writers of the academic content in those disciplines are expected to adhere to the laid down conventions for wider acceptability of such academic writings in the concerned discourse communities. For example, the humanities, social sciences, sciences, business studies, law, technologies and engineering have their own sets of rules and code of academic writing which need to be followed by the authors associated with these respective disciplines. The academic writings carry a definitive idea to be conveyed to the readers.

The substantiation of the idea by citing different authentic sources is an established practice in academic world. These external sources are cited in the document or article in a specific manner in order to extend due credit to the original creator. Different disciplines and areas of specialised knowledge may differ in their
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