Summary Of The Play 'Breathe' By Nina Rosario

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In the musical, In The Heights, Nina Rosario is an intelligent young lady who drops out of college during her freshman year at Stanford University. Many students can relate to the pressures to succeed in college and to be better than your best. This mindset has negative implications for young adults and college students around the country, including anxiety disorders, eating disorders, etc.

I have felt the pressure to succeed my entire life. Being a middle child, I have too often stood in the shadows of my naturally smart and talented older sister. It seemed that no matter what I did or how hard I worked, I would never be as good as her. It took a while to realize that I am my own person. There were things that I was good at that she wasn’t …show more content…

She sings about the support she always received from her community and their hopes that she would be the one to make it out, to be successful. “They are all counting on me to succeed. I am the one who made it out. The one who always made the grade, but maybe I should’ve just stayed home.” She delves into the shame she feels for returning home after dropping …show more content…

In 2015, the University of Central Florida police committed 94 people, mostly students under the Baker Act. That is more than triple of the number of such cases from five years ago. In 2010, the department handled 30 cases for the entire year, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Individuals are Baker Acted when there is evidence that they are mentally unstable and may harm themselves or others. They may be held for evaluation for up to three days.

This concept is not exclusive to any one demographic or age group or country. The weight of success affects children, young professionals and even adults across the world. Those growing up in stress-filled environments are transitioning to roles of responsibility and power. For example, the White House Effect demonstrates that high-stress settings and positions, such as the president of the U.S., cause an individual to age

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