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Super Cheesy

“Where’s the Beef?” Clara Peller inquires. Likewise, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me, which Spurlock directed himself, leaves me asking the same question. Spurlock’s thesis argues that fast food is harmful to our health. Spurlock conducts the experiment on himself in order to prove that McDonald’s fast-food is intended to be eaten for every meal of every day, and McDonald’s is aware that the daily McDiet is dangerous. Thus, substantiates that the two young girls in the attending lawsuit have a viable claim. Spurlock’s fast-food experiment includes the following rules: Spurlock must eat at McDonald’s three times a day for 30 days, finish all meals, try everything on the menu, super size when offered, and limit exercise to …show more content…

The fast-food experiment is one-sided and not a wide enough study, as there is only one individual/restaurant involved. In addition, every person is different in how his or her body processes food. Thus, for some individuals like Spurlock, by ingesting too many calories per day the inevitable result is weight gain. Yet, Don Gorske’s cholesterol remained at 140 after years of eating Big Macs (totaling 19,852) proving a similar stance in the opposing direction. Therefore, Spurlock’s findings for his one-sided experiment were too exaggerated and not scalable to the general population. Clinical studies were created to prevent Spurlock’s biased style of procedures. In the third case, Spurlock has too broad of an argument, focused on too many subjects, and ultimately did not demonstrate (per the lawsuit) how McDonald’s intended for its customers to eat a McDiet three times a day, every day, and that McDonald’s was aware that the specified regimen was dangerous. Indeed, fast food is harmful to our health when consumed in excess; however, Spurlock’s ceaseless bingeing overstates the good point. Today, we are inundated with information related to life’s dangers, but we should not follow these messages

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