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Pioneer Human Services: Strategic Plan Analyzation Introduction Since it was first established as a half-way house in 1963 by Jack Dalton, Pioneer Humans Services (PHS) has grown to over 60 facilities throughout the state of Washington, and it continues to expand in its scope and influence by opening three additional facilities over the past 12 months. Traditionally speaking, most Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) emphasize a specific service (i.e. healthcare, mental health, veteran’s affairs, etc.), however PHS bucks the trend through is expansive and diverse service offerings. Currently, PHS conducts counseling and treatments services for patients suffering from mental health and addiction, while also emphasizing youth and family therapy.…show more content…
Half of the properties listed above were acquired in the past five years, which demonstrates a concerted effort on behalf of PHS to increase its influence in the area. Some locations of the locations, like the Phoenix, Pathway, and Victory Houses, have only minimal staff because they serve as residential only facilities, with no need for clinical or extensive administrative staff, but the others are more intensive. For this reason, it is essential that PHS continue to hire and train quality employees, in order to best serve a community, in which, it is attempting to gain…show more content…
Vision Every person we serve has an opportunity to transcend his/her past and be embraced as a valuable member of society. Our vision will be realized when the people we serve: • Are valued for their potential, are provided opportunities equal to other members of the community, and are not stigmatized for their past • Are provided necessary treatment and counseling, maintain recovery and achieve stability • Are able to secure stable housing that is safe, affordable and well maintained • Receive and complete necessary job training, resulting in steady employment at a family-sustainable income” (Pioneer Human Services, Retrieved from www.pioneerhumanservices.org on

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