Swot Analysis Of Kol Kids

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Cold Press by Kool Kids

Offerings Strengths Weaknesses
Product Hot Ice Cream Buns:

• Sweet Bun/ Donut Bun
• Churro Bun
• Bao Bun They offer a wide variety of ice cream sandwiches and flavours to the market. They have a churros-based, donut-based and bao-based buns to go with their ice creams which they also created themselves. They also sell some toppings of their own namely Sugar Kroutons, Bacon Peanut Brittle, and Waffle Chips. They are either sold as toppings on the ice cream or sold as a pack. Their donut ice cream is messy to eat as the warm donut melts the ice cream easily. Since their ice cream is produced with liquid nitrogen, their ice cream won’t be as thick as the usual.
Price Brrrger
Donut + ice cream + topping + sauce
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Kool Kids is also actively participating on bazaars and trade fair at places like Rockwell, Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre, and Eastwood. Another thing that can be seen in their social media accounts is the way they research about ice creams by traveling to different places outside the Philippines and do their usual “ice cream crawl” wherein they taste different kinds of ice creams they can find to discover a new and unique taste. Some of the photography seen in their Facebook page was not that appetizing but rather it was an okay looking food. They can do better with the way they present their food in…show more content…
They also promote their ice cream buns that has different bases namely, donuts, churros and bao buns. Besides the ice cream and ice cream buns, they also serve milkshakes, toasted marshmallows, and unique toppings. One of their popular products was the Brrrger or the Donut Ice Cream Sandwich. They have a variety of flavours; Nuts 4 Nutella, Karamel Kool, The Rock, Mad Vanilla, Camp K, The Hangover Part 4, Yuzu, PB Vanilla, and Chocotella.

10. The Bark

The Bark’s hand-made ice cream/cookie ice cream sandwiches are being distributed in West Narra Delicatessen. It is a perfect plac to do some office or schoolwork. Based on the reviews, the food is too pricey for the product and the products are just so-so. The customers just stay in the café for the free Internet.

Offerings Strengths Weaknesses
Ice cream sandwiches with cookies and biscuit bar as buns They have an appetizing and pleasing to the eyes ice cream flavours like their version of Cookie Monster, besides that, they also have a lot of selections in their menu.

Open every Tuesdays to sundays from 11 AM up to 9

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