Swot Analysis Of Kraft Foods

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Kraft Foods Inc. was an American multinational confectionery, food and beverage company. It marketed many brands in more than 150 countries and 12 of its brands annually earned more than $1 billion worldwide such as Cadbury, Jacobs, Kraft, LU, Maxwell House, Milka, Nabisco, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Trident, Tang. Kraft Food company was founded by James Kraft in 1903 and started by wholesale varieties of cheese in Chicago. They have around 100,000 employees working world widely. Kraft food is one of the largest company in United States and second largest in world.
‘’MISSION’’ , "Our aim is to be North America 's best food and beverage company, and we 'll get there by continuing to offer products consumers love, creating a performance-based culture that motivates and excites employees and becoming the best investment in the industry.
‘’VISION’’ is Helping people around the world eat and live better, offering the best brands, best products and best quality.

Proposed mission
Kraft 's mission is to provide tasty and healthy food for people all over the world to enjoy. To provide excellence products full with innovation, quality, safety, respect, integrity, and openness, in order to strive as a company to communicate with the world reassuring them they 're a trusted company with their products.

Proposed Vision
Be the number one food and beverage company in the customers mind, recognized by the quality and variety of the healthy products that we offer. Have

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