Sylmar Personal Statement

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Twenty years from now I want to be known for having made a difference in my community, in Sylmar. I want to provide students with more resources, so that those with my similar background can have an opportunity to attend university. I want students to be prepared for university and to know that they are capable of being successful in fields like medicine. I want to be that remodel that lets them know that if I could achieve my dreams of becoming a doctor, so could they. I want my story to be known that I struggled in believing in myself, but due to that experience I was motivated to become a guide for students who also lack confidence in what they can achieve.

I want the press conference to be about how I have contributed to the success of many students from my community. I would state how students that I helped felt they had no direction, but were successful once they were given an opportunity. In the press conference, I would express the pride I felt for those students that I mentored and I would also explain what my motive was. In high school as a Hispanic I would say (in the press conference), I felt inadequate when I would express my aspirations to be a …show more content…

I would then explain what motivated me: I wanted to be that person who debunks others disbeliefs that a Hispanic from Sylmar could be a doctor.

In the press conference, I would proudly state that I believed in high scholars silly aspirations and that they were successful and proved everyone who doubted them wrong.
In addition I would tell the press that I set up a scholarship for Latinos that were going into the medicine field. I would also speak of summer programs that would help students feel comfortable in subjects like calculus, biology and other science courses that would help them be successful in university. I would speak of how I wanted to provide the students with opportunities that I didn’t have like to shadowing a

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