Buskin Robbins Analysis

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Buskin Robbins

Buskin Robbins, a popular premium ice-cream shop, come from United Strand of America. There are many kind of ice-cream flavors for customers to choose. Buskin Robbins was funded by Ivy Bobbins and Burt Baskin but before that they had an ice-cream shop name’s “Snowbird” in 1945. There were only 24 flavors. However, after they opened Buskin Robbins, the taste of ice cream increase to 31 flavors in 1953. So, the number 31 was taken as the symbol of Buskin Robbins and also 31 mean 31 days with 31 ice cream flavors. Although, there are 34 flavors now but 31 is still the symbol of Buskin Robbins. Buskin Robbins is the one of many brands that has many interesting thing such as the meaning of logo and the way to sell products to the
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The two main colors of Buskin Robbins is pink color and blue color. According to the theory of color, blue color will makes you feel stability, high quality and cozy, that means like the constancy of the ice cream quality. In addition, pink color will makes you feel sweet, gentle, adorable, that means like the charm of the ice cream and the love they have for ice cream. The other thing, the design shapes of the cups is simple, but can be used and meet customer needs. There are three type Buskin Robbins’s ice cream cups that the customers can choose. The three type of ice cream cup is paper cup, waffle cone and waffle cup. All of these designs increase the options for the customers. The customers can select the cup not matter customers will eat at the shop or take away. The paper cup is wide and thick more another ice cream cup. The design shape is like a tank, so that makes the customers feeling like they have a lot of ice cream in the cup. However, the waffles cone shape is so tall and thin. They create it like that because that want the people to eat it easily and quickly for saving an ice cream taste and shape. The last design shape is waffles cup. The basket waffles shape putted on the paper cup for putting the ice cream on it. This design cup created for the customers who want to eat waffle but they don’t want to eat quickly. They design it like that because although the waffles are limp, ice cream doesn’t mess the customer’s hand. For the all of these, the reason I choose it brand to present me. There are many thing similar me. The premium of the ice cream is like me because I am a premium girl and premium friend. I can say that because I can be a good friend with everyone and I very care my friends. I usually don’t like do thing same the other girl. For example, I like to play action games, open world

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