Teacher's Role In Education

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Review of literature
Teachers represent the ideals and aspirations of the nation and owe to its moral and mental accountability for equipping youth for active participation in the enterprise of creating social order. Teachers have to demonstrate a high level of professionalism to meet the standard required by national policies. This aim can be realized by effective, brilliant teachers, teachers who are equipped with the training that has a direct bearing on the quality of life. The teacher is a pivot in the entire education system. As James (1977) states: In teaching, you must simply work with your pupil into such a state of interest in what you are going to teach him that every other object of attention is banished from his mind: then reveal …show more content…

Teachers have multi dimensional role in the process of education i.e. in assisting administration, guiding and counseling students both in their effective learning as well as their future role in society as a responsible citizen. Successful or good teaching is the teaching which does bring about the desired learning. The challenge of education thus stresses the need for orientation in skills and methodology for teachers in colleges and universities.
Branford, Brown and Cocking (1999) also described the state of an effective and high-quality teacher when they noted: The requirement of super level teaching is that the teachers have a deep understanding of the its subject matter content and its structure, with all of this an equally complete understanding of the method of teaching activities that help students understand the subject matter which is taught by the teacher. Trained teachers have a confirm understanding of their related subject, knowledge of the conceptual hurdles.
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Like several of the other experiment , they find that teacher quality is an important factor of student achievement, but measured teacher qualifications have little effect on student achievement.
Teachers are the most critical part of an education system. How well they teach depends on motivation, qualification, experience, training, aptitude and a lot of other factors, in which environment and management is being included within which they perform their duty. The quality of teachers, which is a key factor in any education system, is low in our country Pakistan (Memon, 2007). It is widely accepted that the quality and performance of teachers in Pakistan
Has been at low stage . This shortcoming was highlighted as far back as 1959 by the Report of
The National Commission on Education, Government of Pakistan. However, challenges persist and issues have worsened over the years with Government of Pakistan focusing on

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